Written by Ash, March 11, 2018

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  • yem_phang

    I been searching for a movie which I really don’t know the exact name to it but can anyone help me… Dubbed by Mayura Hopefully I’m spelling the name right “Barat Wat Sopon” It’s a horror movie I believed it came out in the early 2000’s I watch the movie in 2004… the main girl was a ghost wondering around her village and a temple.. please can anyone find that movie for me🙏🏽Thank you so much

  • Lin

    I was wondering if you have this old lakorn with Egkarat Sarasook and Sine Inthira Charoenpura. It’s all about the main girl has to pretend to be a boy in order for her parents to be together since her grandpa wanted a grandson instead of a granddaughter. Below are the title, lakorn cover and link to the opening of the lakorn. I hope you would have it because I really loved the lakorn and missed watching it. Thank you for your time.

    Jao Sua Noi

  • chenna

    just an update that I plan on re-uploading most of my KM videos back in a few weeks.

  • sayonara

    When will you be uploading the next few episodes of Robang Muk Keo 29, 30, etcs?


  • sayonara

    Paula, can you upload more Robang Muk Keo next week? You’ve got a big movie fan waiting for more Episodes….

    Thank you

  • Aiyah

    I was wondering if anyone has these old drama dubbed by mayura, “Yod Ya Yee” with num and Vicky Sunisa Jett and
    “Ruk Sood Hua Jail or Srolang Bin Besdoung” with Janie and Pol. If you do, pretty please upload them whenever you have time. I hope that more old mayura dub Thai drama are uploaded.
    Thank you.

    Hopefully the links well help know what drama I’m referring to.

  • Theary

    I need more part Mohitirith Neang Kla can u pls upload more part thank you

  • Theary

    Hi i need more part Mohitirith Neang Kla the movies is getting good thanks for your time

  • Abee

    anyone know of the the name of thai lakorn about a spider spirit or ghost and her essence or heart/ ashes is in these small clocks. Its a bit boran and modern from the 90s kinda creepy and scary

  • Theary

    Hi can you please upload more of that movie Pyus Sne Plerng Komnum thanks for the time.

  • Monica

    Can some of the Mayura lakorns be re-uploaded like Yod Nam Tawan where the first and last episode don’t work. Please and thank you.

  • Nadia

    Hi, I was watching Lbeng Snaeha or Game Snaeha and it just disappeared from your Modern section. I’m not sure if you took it down or there was a problem with it? I didn’t get to finish it and was hoping you can add it back please?

  • chenna

    Hey Nadia here is the link Most thai drama r now under Hd that i added.

    • Nadia

      Thank you so much! Also, last night I started to watch The Crown Princess starring Yaya & Barry. Today I can’t find it. Is there a reason it disappeared as well?

  • chenna

    Hey Nadia did u check under Hd section? its there bcuz i just upioaded that as well.

  • LianNiChang

    Hey bong chenna, how are you doing? I noticed you once uploaded the movie Chleuy Sak, and some of the old links are not working anymore. I also have this movie but my copy seems to be missing a few episode; I never realized it until recently. I was wondering if you would be interested in selling a copy of the movie? I have no idea where to find another copy because there is no more video stores anywhere. lol Thanks bong. 🙂

    • chenna

      hi LianNiChang, i’m not sure if i still have it. most of the old dvds i used to have are either scratched or just not working. i wish i have kept them in better storage. most of all i have now are usually digital. 🙁

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