Feature Requests

Written by Ash, May 20, 2012

Welcome to the request blog! You may use this blog to request for new features or modifications to Khmer Avenue.


  • Ash

    Comment on this blog for feature requests.

  • Rei

    Hey Ash, you’re gonna need to fix the invisible comment/submit button on Internet Explorer. =)

  • Chantu

    Hi, does anyone have this Chinese drama called Ang Kareak Tang 4. Some other khmer websites has it uploaded but I find the voice and mouth of the characters doesn’t match up. But the quality of the show is very clear. Could someone upload this to khmeravenue with the proper voice/mouth matching together. Thank you…looks like a great Chinese drama…

  • theary

    Hey Chentu dear , check the link below….it seems like the series that you are looking for


  • Kissmeeee1230

    Anyone have the old version of Roy Marn with Tua and Pen?? If so please please upload it… Love love that lakorn..the new version just doesn’t cut it…many thanks

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