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Written by Ash, September 5, 2012

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  • Rebecca

    Hi Chenna! Thank you for post the mayura movies. Do you have the mayura movie call ” waen Tong leang” in 2004? If you have please upload please!!! Thank you so much

  • Lin

    Hi, I was wondering if you have this old lakorn with Egkarat Sarasook and Sine Inthira Charoenpura. It’s all about the main girl has to pretend to be a boy in order for her parents to be together since her grandpa wanted a grandson instead of a granddaughter. Below are the title, lakorn cover and link to the opening of the lakorn. I hope you would have it because I really loved the lakorn and missed watching it. Thank you for your time.

    Jao Sua Noi

  • Lin

    Hi again. Sorry but do you guys also happen to have these two old lakorns in Mayura dubbed?

    1)Title: Kha Khong Khon (1993 version)
    Also known as: A Person’s Worth / Priceless Love
    Starring Santisuk Promsiri (Noom) and Nusaba Wanichangkul

    2) Bodyguard Sao (2002 version)
    Starring Brook & Noi

    • chenna

      Hi Lin just want to let u know that I had no luck finding these titles thru my old collection over the weekend. If Wayha around to post, she might have some since she has a larger collection of mayura titles.

  • chenna

    hi Lin, I gave away most of my old mayura and km lakorns to my mom years ago but i will try to check it later this weekend to see if i have any

    • Lin

      Thank you so much, chenna. You’re the best! I hope that you have those lakorns. Btw, do you have two of other Sine lakorns starring one with Poh and the other with Wut Asadawut? Sorry I don’t know the name of those two lakorns but here’s the links to mv of the lakorns. Anyways thanks for the fast reply. I hope you have a great day.

      • chenna

        hey u welcome, i hope i’ll find something. i don’t have the two lakorns listed, but again i’ll check it too. Wayha has a lot of old lakorns if she’s still around.

    • goggles80

      Hi Chenna how are you? I was wandering if you have the lakorn “khemarin Intira” 1997.. I’m not sure what the khmer title is but it’s the one filmed at Angkor Wat with actors Saranyu Wonkrachang and katriya English.. also are u able to upload new videos with sound for “pteas Meas” it has has about 3 or 4 videos with no sound

  • Ashley Bun

    Hello, Hi try to register and i never receive an email from you guy to confirm my email or password.

    My email is
    My user name is sreykhmer209

    Thank you,

  • Pang

    Hello Bong,

    Do you have a horror Thai drama called “Jan Euy Jan Jao?” Sririta Jensen is the main actress in this drama. I know that NTRY production called it “Duong Chan Leak Snaeh” and Mayura called it “Preah Chan Beysach.”

  • Misty

    Hi bong Chenna!
    Thank you for uploading the amazing movies and thank you for take your value time for us viewers. I wonder if you have this movie Chen Chean Pchanh Mea​?. Once again thank you so much!

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  • Skywalker

    Hi, I really love the PNN dubbing! Are you able to identify titles that are dubbed by that company? I’d love to watch more.

  • Jean

    Do you have this movie?
    Tam Sne Dol Tibopoth

  • chenna

    do u have the image for it, Jean?

  • chenna

    oh jean, sorry i didn’t upload this drama, it’s wayha.

  • Navi

    Hi Chenna,
    Do you have this drama PirunPramRak? I only know the Thai name.

  • chenna

    hey Navi, i think paula has that drama..i might have the disk but i don’t think i’ve ever uploaded it…i’ll email her nd ask for u.

  • Sokha

    Hi bong Chenna I hope you are doing well! I wonder if you have drama that casted Bow and Donut storyline about fried chicken the title in English is Prince of Chicken.? I don’t know the name of it in Khmer. But I saw it last time it got post it but it got removed. Thank you again for your hard work! Stay safe and have a happy holiday!

  • Sokha

    Hi bong Chenna I found out the name of the drama. It’s called Nak Bros Morn Bompong.

  • chenna

    hey soka, im doing fine, hope the same 4 u. I don’t remember the drama but if i used to have it b4 that mean i shud have in the process of adding back the old broken links atm…so if i come across i will put it back on..Hapyy Holiday!

  • Sokha

    Thank you!! I have search everywhere it said it gotten take out from Facebook and other site. Have a safe holiday!

  • sna

    បងសំុរឿងព្យុះស្នេហ៍អ្នកលេងមួយបងតួរ weirsukollawat

  • Jean Trigg

    Do you have this movie?
    Chrom sne ha

  • Lizzy

    Hi Bong,
    I was wondering is you have a movie about a group of kids that made in the mid to late 2000s traveling back in time with their laptop. I remember it 4 kids and 2 adults who soon fall in love, they end up time traveling to many time periods one that i remember is ancient kingdom full of women, and another one in 1950-60’s they travel to. I don’t recall the name of it but from what I remember it was about lively kids (រឿងក្មេងរពឹស) If you don’t recognize the show it ok bong. Thank you.

  • Crawford

    Can anyone re-upload Mayura Thai drama Ombey Rok Snae?

  • oeun khin

    Hello Bong I was wondering if you have an old thai lakorn call ton ruk starting Noon and Kade

  • chenna

    hi, i checked and i dont c that i have it on here. sorry

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