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Written by Ash, February 21, 2012

KhmerDrama is an Asian entertainment and Khmer community website providing user submitted videos, movie trailers, music videos, comedy, blogging and more!


  • Khmotion media

    Hey merlkon take down our video from khmotion.com. You have no permission to share my link.

    • Ash

      Videos are added by members of our websites based on fair use. Please send proof that you are the original dubbing copyright holder to khmerave@gmail.com, and I will gladly review and match it. If no actions are taken in 24 hours, I will close this comment.

      Please note that embedding copyright-protected content without permission is not an infringement, especially when you make your content embeddable on Youtube or Facebook. I suggest that you disable embedding on the videos you hosted on Facebook.

  • Rei

    Interesting since the site owner is here since KM had embedded several of my watermarked videos over the years. 😀

  • chenna

    yea mine too lolz…dude please…

  • May (Soft Banned)

    Hey Ash, I would like to delete some comments that I made, can you assist me with that?

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